Gaylord Perry Park

Gaylord Perry Center
Gaylord Perry Park

Gaylord Perry Center   
 Address:  300 West Pine Street
 Hours of Operation:  7am-8pm, Mon-Thurs
   7am-5:30pm, Friday
 Facilities:  Gym
   Fitness Room
  Meeting Room
  Department Office

Memberships are available for use of the center, which includes the gym and fitness room.  Daily guest fees and punch passes are also available for non-members.  Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent to use the gym, except for department programs.

Gaylord Perry Center membership prices
Membership guidelines
Center rules

Fitness room - features weights and cardio equipment.  Some equipment includes treadmill, elliptical machine, multi-station weight machine, curl bench, bench press, squat station, leg press, lat-pull, and chin/dip station, and dumbbells.

Meeting room - Room is approximately 20'x20'.

Gym - Gym is a regulation size court that is used primarily for open play basketball and youth league volleyball and basketball.  If it's cold outside the gym makes a perfect place to walk in the morning (19 laps = 1 mile).  Contact the department for updates on availability.

Weight room

Cardio Equipment

Gaylord Perry Park     
 Address: 300 West Pine Street  
 Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset  
 Facilities: 3 Ball fields  
   Outdoor Basketball Courts  
   Picnic Area  

Perry multi-purpose field

Picnic Area

Outdoor basketball courts