Gaylord Perry Park

Gaylord Perry Center
Gaylord Perry Park

Gaylord Perry Center   
 Address:  300 West Pine Street
 Hours of Operation:  7am-8pm, Mon-Thurs
   7am-5:30pm, Friday
 Facilities:  Gym
   Fitness Room
  Department Office

Memberships are available for use of the fitness room.  A gym pass or guest fee is required to use the gym for open play hours. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent to use the gym, except for department programs.

Center rules

Fitness room - features weights and cardio equipment.  Some equipment includes treadmill, elliptical machine, multi-station weight machine, curl bench, bench press, squat station, leg press, lat-pull, chin/dip station, and dumbbells.

Gym - Gym is a regulation size court that is used primarily for open play basketball and youth league volleyball and basketball.  If it's cold outside the gym makes a perfect place to walk in the morning (19 laps = 1 mile).  Contact the department for updates on availability.

Weight room

Cardio Equipment

Gaylord Perry Park     
 Address: 300 West Pine Street  
 Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset  
 Facilities: 2 Ball fields  
  Adult Fitness Area  
   Outdoor Basketball Courts  
   Picnic Shelter  
  Skate park  

The park is currently under renovation (2022-Spring 2023)  
Perry multi-purpose field

Picnic Area

Outdoor basketball courts