Alice Matthews
Ricky Coltrain***
Johnny Miller
Tami Spence*** 
Linda Gibson

** ETJ Representative – County Appointed        


AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITIES:                                    

Members are appointed by the Town Board.  The Williamston Planning Board has the authority to make comprehensive studies of the present and future needs of the Williamston Planning Area.  Such studies may include physical, social, and economic conditions and trends within the area for the purpose of preparing a plan which will guide the sound growth and orderly development of Williamston Planning Area and best promote the health, safety, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of its citizens.

When comprehensive plans have been adopted by the Planning Board, they shall be recommended to the Board of Commissioners or other appropriate body for adoption or action.  This refers to zoning plans, subdivision regulations, major street and highway plans, public facilities plans, etc.

The Board of Adjustment is authorized to hear and decide appeals from citizens regarding alleged errors in decisions by the code enforcement officer; make decisions on special uses; and authorize variances, upon appeal, as outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.


MEETINGS:                                                                Monthly, every third Monday,
                                                                                     in Town Hall Assembly Room.

TIME:                                                                           5:00 p.m.

TERM OF OFFICE:                                                    3 years


Are you willing to serve or know someone who would be an added benefit to the Planning Board/Board of Adjustments?  Click here to download the membership request form.