Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center

BobMartinCenter  jumping  Rodeo 
The Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center is a state-of-the-art show facility boasting a 108,000–square-foot indoor coliseum. Permanent seating accommodates 2,400 people with additional temporary seating available.

Catering to horse shows, it has two modern barns with 292 horse stalls. Events range from ATV and motocross races to truck pulls, circuses, boat shows and, of course, some of the best equestrian events around. There also is a quickly-growing list of other exciting shows. 

For more information about the outstanding facilities offered here or for event schedules, call 252-792-5802 or 252-792-5111.

Location: 2900 Hwy 125S Williamston, NC 27892
Phone: Call at 252-792-5802 or 1-888-792-5802