Police Department


100 South Haughton Street, Williamston, NC 27892
Phone Number:
(252) 792-2124

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Williamston Police Department is to protect and enhance the quality of life for all who live, work, or visit our town.  Members of the department are dedicated to accomplishing this mission by building problem-solving partnerships with our citizens while treating people with fairness and respect.

Core Values
  • Building and maintaining community partnerships
  • Maintaining an open line of communication with the people we serve
  • Everyone should have a part in problem-solving
  • Respect the value of the people we serve
  • Recognize our employees as our most important resource
  • Valuing integrity in our job
  • Extending courtesy to the people we serve
  • Uphold the Constitution of the United States
  • Uphold the Constitution of North Carolina
Department Overview
  21 Sworn full-time Officers
  1 Civilian Employee
  14 Uniformed Patrol Officers
  5 Detectives
  2 Administrative Staff

Community Policing

The Williamston Police Department regularly participates in various programs to enhance relations with the community.  In an effort to build cohesiveness with the citizens of Williamston, the Police Department continually presents educational programs for the community. 

The department is commonly involved in a variety of community events. If you plan a community event and would like to partner with or have the police department involved, please contact us.

Community Policing Zones
the Police Department has divided the town into five (5) zones to build relationships within the community. 

Click the link below to view the zones.

Community Policing Map


Along with programs designed to enhance relations between the Police Department and the community, the Police Department has divided the town into five (5) zones to build relationships within the community.  Officers are assigned to a particular zone and are encouraged to make personal contact with residents within the zone to develop a neighborhood approach to problem-solving.  

To determine the officers assigned to your neighborhood you may contact Community Policing Team Leaders:

  Lt. Michael Pope at 252-792-2124