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flushrespgraphic-govdel-mv-1_original IMPORTANT NOTICE -
Wipes & Personal Hygiene Products Clog Sewer Lines!

While these products may be marketed as convenience items in this way, the truth is that these items can clog and stop up not only the sewer line on your property but also can cause blockage and service problems in the public sewer system and pump stations. Unlike toilet paper, these products DO NOT break down once flushed. They can cause blockages in your on‐site sewer, especially older pipelines with greases, roots, or other existing obstructions. Repairing the on‐site sewer line can leave the homeowner or business owner with a costly sewer repair. On a larger scale, when these products make their way into the public sewer system, they collect together, causing very large obstructions and clogs in the main collector lines and getting tangled in pump stations requiring repair or replacement of equipment.


Image result for Cartoon Toilet                                                                                                  Home repairs can be costly and time-consuming.  Select the links below for a a few helpful tips on how to prevent damage to your septic tanks and city wastewater treatment centers. 

The money you save just might be your own!